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Kevin's Driving SchoolAbout me
I'm not going to lie to you but my name is Kevin, I am a fully qualified driving instructor (ADI).

For the last 16 years I've been living in Barry with my wife and our 6 year old daughter, previously to that over 30 years in sunny Grangetown. I enjoy football, rugby and TV especially comedy.

I've become a driving instructor as I enjoy and I'm passionate about teaching and driving and also the job satisfaction it gives me from watching the disbelief on the faces of the pupil when they first drive the car to the joy on their faces when they pass their test.

Learning to drive should be an enjoyable, exciting experience and I do everything to ensure the lessons are fun and as productive as possible and also that you are comfortable and relaxed during your lessons.

I've chosen to work with the LDC because everyone is different and the LD system allows for flexibility in lessons so that you learn to drive safely at a rate that suits you.

Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to find out more click here to "Contact me"

Cheers Kev